The Patriots enter the NFL draft needing a QB, but could trade down to fill other needs

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) — The 2024 NFL draft represents the next chapter in the remaking of the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick is gone after driving both the franchise’s on-field and personnel decisions for most of his more than two-decade run in New England. It’s created a domino effect inside team headquarters, with team owner … Read more

An aurora will light up in unusual places as solar storm rages

More kaleidoscopic light shows could be visible in the sky across the Northern Hemisphere as a powerful solar storm ramps up. An extreme geomagnetic storm that first hit last week is expected to become more intense, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as several coronal mass ejections are due to bombard Earth’s … Read more

OpenAI isn’t just competing with Google Search. It’s coming for Google Assistant,

It’s not a search engine; it’s a voice assistant. When OpenAI randomly shared late last week that it would have a big announcement to kick off Monday, rumors swirled. Was OpenAI planning to try to overshadow the planned Google I/O event that the search giant had already scheduled for the following day, Tuesday? Was OpenAI … Read more